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Mass Effect Challenge Community

Calibrating creativity since 2010!

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A creative challenge community for Mass Effect

Welcome to ME_challenge! A creative challenge community for Bioware's Mass Effect games.

This community will post a series of thematic prompts on a bi-monthly basis, and then members of the community can write fanfic, draw fanart, or make icons in response. A drabble challenge will be posted every week. There are no prizes, unless a member would like to contribute one. This is simply for artists who sometimes need a little prompt to kick the muse into action.

1. When posting a response to a challenge or plot varren, follow the posting and ratings guide. (i.e. Any content not safe for work, must be labeled NSFW.)
2. If you'd like to submit a plot varren (your own challenge idea), submit ONE per day.
3. Fanfic can be as long or as short as you want.
4. All pictures (no matter how big or small) must go behind an LJ cut. Icon posts may have Safe For Work examples outside of a cut.
5. No flaming, spamming, wanking, or drama. Violators will be warned first.
6. Fake cuts, outward-bound links (FF.net, your own LJ etc.) are welcome.
7. Fanfics, fanart, anything that are labeled M or MA must have a NSFW tag.
8. There is no time limit to respond to a challenge. These prompts are here to help get the creative juices flowing.
9. Try to keep non-challenge related posts to a minimum. If you are looking for a beta, need help or want writing resources, please go to these threads:
+ Need a Beta Reader?
+ Writing Resources
+ Help! Contact a Mod - Rules. Frequently asked questions. Reporting a problem. For all else, use a PM.


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