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Insanity Round -- on masseffect
Writing (tersa)
tersa wrote in me_challenge
Silly me for not posting this sooner (thanks for being my brain, skellington1!), but after a conversation with popehippo, we've decided to start posting the weekly Insanity Round prompts directly to masseffect rather than to this community to try and consolidate the ME conversation.

Today's post is here, and if you're not subscribed to the community but want to be notified when an Insanity Round post is made, click on this link and in the second row, choose the tag 'prompts' from the drop down box and check mark whatever combination of delivery method you prefer for notification (e.g., Email and LJ Inbox).

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It's a nice idea, now that fandom has generally slowed down. One of the main reasons I started the me_challenge board was because the ME comm was so busy, I didn't want the posts to be pushed down. But now that Me3 is over and posts are only trickling in at this point, I think this could work out really well. :D

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