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Insanity Round
popehippo wrote in me_challenge
How is this different from the official challenges? These are drabbles only. Also, you will be posting your replies to this post instead of to the community.

So read the prompts, write a story, submit a prompt! But most of all, have fun!

1) Aim for about 100 words. Longer or shorter is okay, just try to keep it in one comment. (note: this is more to give you a guideline than anything. Your drabble can be as long as you want--but we're not looking for a multi-chapter fic here!)

2) Post your drabble as a reply to the comment the prompt is from.

3) Put the prompt you used as the subject. If you just want to comment on something, leave the subject line blank. This will make it easier to navigate once the threads start collapsing.

4) If posting an entry with NSFW content, please warn in subject line and at top of post.

5) After writing your drabble, write down three or so prompts of your own at the end of each reply.

6) Prompts should generally be short, no more than a sentence. Prompts may include characters and/or pairings. In that case, try to also include some word prompt (i.e. Kasumi/Thane, sporks), unless you feel your configuration of characters is exotic enough to be inspiring on its own.

7) The same prompts may be filled multiple times. By the same person, even, if inspiration strikes. No need to hold back!

SPOILER WARNING: Mass Effect 3 is HERE! Please remember to ALWAYS list any and all comments (whether fills or replies to fills) with very clear and bolded spoiler warnings if they contain information regarding the game. Thanks. :)

1) Inspirational
2) Slavery
3) Oh nuts
4) Tattoos
5) Bad luck
6) We will not break
7) Trust
8) Glamorous
10) Snow

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This isn't actually a proper prompt response, but #9 immediately made me think of this.

No one else loitered outside the entrance to Eternity, so Kasumi didn't bother with her cloak. When Shepard came around the corner, he raised a suspicious eyebrow and she smiled.

"Your last night before you turn yourself in and you leave Jack at the bar?" she asked.

"I had something I needed to do," he said.

"Well, whatever it was I hope it was worth getting your nuts ripped off," she replied.

With his usual smirk, he rolled the right sleeve of his uniform up past the shoulder. Puffy red skin outlined four thick black letters: ZERO.

"Still think she'll rip my nuts off?" he asked.

"You got a tattoo and didn't invite her?" Kasumi shook her head. "Nice knowing you, Shep."

The cocky bastard laughed. "Wish me luck then."

God, she was going to miss that smirk. On her tiptoes, she could just brush his cheek with her lips. "Good luck," she murmured.

His eyes were full of questions and starting to get that puppy-dog look that was too good to be unpracticed but which she usually fell for anyway, so she engaged her cloak and dashed away. Later, stowed away on an asari freighter with time on her hands, she began the long process of piecing together the security protocols for the cells at Alliance headquarters. Just in case.

1. my own worst enemy
2. the best is yet to come undone
3. you make me complete(ly miserable)

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Nice =D. Everything about it was really well done.

The best is yet to come undone (kinda not safe for work, also language warning)

I hope this comes across as funny. I haven't been able to write much lately.

[nothing too explicit but cutting just in case]
Bra hooks.

Were they really necessary?

They were frustrating little things, and he had... well, he had fucking sausage fingers. All he had to do was pinch and twist - on most bra models (they were called models right? Like shuttles, no?). But these little fuckers were in the way. Pushing up the bra to expose the expanse of flesh to his waiting fingers wasn't enough. He didn't want her half-dressed; he wanted all of her just as he was giving all of himself to her.

It wasn't fair, damn it.

It didn't help that the position they'd managed to find themselves in (still mostly clothed, much to James' consternation), with Shepard on her back, James mostly sprawled on top of her without leverage to get up and only one of James' hands under her, was awkward at best and annoying at worst.

But damn if he didn't want this.

James nibbled on Shepard's neck and she arched up just enough to rub against him but it didn't help his awkwardly bent elbow or wrist. His free hand massaged the skin he'd exposed, and she arched up again only to wrap one of her long legs around him - the other was pinned beneath him. If getting her bra off was this much trouble, how the hell was he going to get in her pants?

The best way was to get up and start all over again, but he wasn't about to break the contact. And who the hell used their actual thinking brain during sex anyway?

1. vicious cycle
2. zombie attack
3. Let freedom RAIN!

Made me giggle =). Poor James with his sausage fingers ;).

Aww, how sweet. Thought I am not sure a reminder of her Cerberus past is the best choice.

The Best is Yet to Come Undone

For the first time, Shepard realized that she couldn't do it. She'd given everything she had but it wasn't enough. She didn't have anything left.

She lay there, blood pooling beneath her and soaking into the dirt, but she couldn't bring herself to care. It was almost a relief to know it was almost over. She was so tired.


She blink, her vision swimming. Someone was leaning over her, shouting her name, someone she knew.

"Wake up, Commander!"

The world swayed into focus and she saw it was Garrus, his face tight with fear and one of his mandibles missing. You should be dead. Am I dead? She didn't think so; death wasn't supposed to hurt this much. She should know. She's been dead before and it wasn't anything like this.

Garrus bent down, swearing as he slathered medi-gel over her wounds. Hissing, Shepard tried to swat his hand away but only managed a weak shove. He pushed her arm back down with a growl and kept working until she was more medi-gel than skin.

"You shouldn' here, Garrus" she rasped, closing her eyes wearily only to pop them open again when she felt his hand on her chin. His grip was gentle but his expression was fierce. He knew what she was really saying. Let me die.

"You don't get to die, Shepard. Not while I'm alive to stop you."

He was almost snarling, daring her to try and stop him but she didn't, she couldn't. After a tense moment, he dropped her face and heaved her onto his shoulder. Gasping, she hung on, her heart beating hard from more than just adrenaline. Garrus shoved a pistol into her free hand and she gripped it tightly, the familiar weight of it stirring something inside her.

Looking at him, Shepard had to blinked as her eyes began to sting with tears. She still had something left.

-Hello darkness, my old friend
-I walk alone
-A flash of light
-Silence like a cancer

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Re: The Best is Yet to Come Undone

"She's been dead before and it wasn't anything like this"
That is an awesome line.

Thank you! I'm glad you thought so =D.

Alternative Shep-Is-A-Reaper universe

”So, this is for a performance.”

“Indeed Admiral, we will be touring the entire galaxy the following months, starting with Thessia. Then we will be hitting every major planet, before the great finale on Earth.”

Anderson sighed and looked back at Shepard. The Reaper was hovering close to the station, letting a small army of specialized service ship swarm around like an army of cleaner fish.

One of them flew across Shepard’s back, putting the last finish on the giant red flower adoring the hull, while others was busy decorating the tail and legs in bright colors. The mechanical monster then slowly turned around, like an oversized puppy, showing off its still grey belly.

Anderson could swear that it was cheerfully waving at him.

“And this, performance. What will happen during it? What is Shepard’s role?”

The Asari frowned and crossed her arms. “I do not make a habit of revealing my art before the first showing Admiral. Details revealed could ruin the experience.”

Anderson groaned inwardly, how the hell had anyone gotten permission for this? He did not remember signing anything about letting a reaper be part of a ceremony.

“ I, understand your reluctance, and I promise not to reveal anything to the press. But I need to know if there could be any security risks. Please.”

She looked at him for a moment, before shrugging and easing into an almost ecstatic smile.

“First there will be showed firework and a light show, to symbolize the war. Then a memorial of the major battles will be created by a group of expert biotics. Following right after a choir will sing Wallas Scesares magnificent ode to the end of the war. Next, artists of all major races affected by the war will carry out a collaboration of various ceremonies of grief and mourning.

And then, as the final crescendo, a Reaper, painted in the colors and markings of hope and joy, will descend from the sky, lowering a string of pearls, representing all the dead in the war. Bringing the promise of a better future”

Her voice had risen in power, and she turned towards space gesturing majestically towards the Reaper, before looking back at Anderson.

“It will be magnificent. “

Andserson merely nodded. “I am certain it will, thank you.”

Moments later he walked through a nondescript corridor, switching on his private comm. channel.

“I really hope you are satisfied.”

“What? It is going to be glamorous. Not to mention it will do wonders to my image.”

Anderson gritted his teeth.

“ Sure, we are all going to be the laughing stock for centuries now.”

“See? Humor is so much better then mindless terror.”

“I don’t know how, Shepard, but you are going to pay for this.”

“You should just have let me get that N7 marking”

The Third
The Building
Of All Dragonkind

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Haha. Funny yet somewhat disturbing =P. Nice job.

Bad Luck - ME3 spoilers

N7 operatives were not, as a rule, superstitious. They were paranoid and set in the ways, the lot of them, but they weren’t superstitious. Shepard certainly wasn’t, Joker knew that better than anyone.

She had her routines and her habits and she was always happiest when she was allowed to stick to those, but there was no little ritual that she simply had to follow before hitting the ground with all guns blazing. No trick to making an op go smoothly, other than the obvious obsessive attention to detail and the copious effort put into training and preparation.

On some days, the darker days, Joker wondered if she wasn’t superstitious because being superstitious required the sort of abstract faith that Shepard had never been able to master.

Admittedly, maybe not believing in luck meant that Shepard was a better soldier. Relying on skill was a hell of lot better than relying on luck, even Joker knew that. But not believing in good luck meant not believing in bad luck either, and not believing in bad luck apparently meant treating every minor slip-up like a gross personal failings.

And this hadn’t been a minor slip-up. This had been the death of a friend, one of Shepard’s, and Shepard’s rage when someone she considered hers was hurt was only matched by her self-blame when they were killed.

The rage was more obvious, of course. The self-blame, well, it had taken Joker years to notice that. Maybe it wasn’t so surprising that Kaidan was about to put his foot in it. If Joker was a better man, he might fabricate some excuse to call Kaidan away from the hangar. Of course, if Joker was a better man, he wouldn’t spend quite so much time eavesdropping on people from the bridge.

“How long are you going to beat yourself up over this?” Kaidan asked.

“Oh, just until I’ve got Kai Leng’s blood on my hands,” Shepard replied. Via the well-placed cameras, Joker could see that she hadn’t so much as looked at Kaidan. Not a good sign.

“What happened to Thane was not your fault. Sometimes these things just happen.”

“With very few exceptions, Alenko,” - and that was another bad sign, surnames in the place of first names, Joker was starting to think that Anderson’s concern about Shep was entirely justified - “Things do not just happen. They happen because someone made them happen, because someone failed to stop them from happening.”

And, of course, the ‘someone’ in that second scenario was always, always Shepard.


“You want to make me feel better? Find me that cybernetic bastard and then get the hell out of my way.”

Joker killed the feed when Shepard pushed past Kaidan; he had no desire to see the Major’s kicked-puppy face again.

He wasn’t like Shepard. In more ways that he normally felt like counting, he wasn’t like Shepard. But he did believe in luck. Mostly, he believed in the good luck that people usually made for themselves.

And the kind of bad luck that someone like Shepard could make for others when she was suitably motivated.

Prompts -
Call me a sinner, call me a saint
Need to know

Nice to see Shepard having a reaction to Thane's death =). I liked the bits about luck and all that; they were a nice touch. Well done.

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